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Publications of Applied Electrodynamics Laboratory

1. P.A. Russkikh, G.Sh. Boltachev, S.N. Paranin. A Conductor with Space-Variable Resistivity under High Pulsed Magnetic Field // AIP Conference Proceedings. - 2020. - V. 2313. - P. 030028.

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Before 2012

1. N.V. Gavrilov, V.V. Ivanov, ј.S. Kamenetskikh, A.V. Nikonov. Investigations of MnЦCoЦO and MnЦCoЦYЦO coatings deposited by the magnetron sputtering on ferritic stainless steels. Surface and Coatings Technology. - 2011. - No. 206. —. 1252-1258.

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